CSL Ni-Hao-Ma Prepaid SIM

先日記事にしたCSL Ni-Hao-Ma Prepaid SIMでGPRSを利用した場合の料金についてCSLに問い合わせてみましたら下記のような返事がありました。
Thank you for your e-mail. And please accept my sincere apology for the late reply.
AS per your enquiry, the charges for GPRS by using prepaid SIM (Mass SIM and Asian SIM only)as following…
1) $5 basic charge for every 30 days (GPRS)
2) MMS–> if sending MMS/e-mail to local mobile phone number is 1/MMS or e-mail
if sending to international MMS (IMMS) –>$3 / MMS
free of charge for receiving MMS
3) Pinoy Mobile channel–> downloading wallpaper/Ringtone -each for $5
–> selected info (eg. news,)extra $8 for 30 days
(please note: GPRS is only for MMS/IMMS/E-MAIL/PINOY MOBILE CHANNEL only, not applicable to browse other website.)
If browsed by WAP,
For Asian SIM (NI HAO MA)- charges as in $0.12/min
Hope this information can be helpful. Should you have any further question, please feel free to contact us by 179179 or send us e-mail again!
Thank for choosing CSL.



  • あーん、私も問い合わせして、さっきメールの返事が届いたところでした。文面全く同じ(笑)。


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